National Teen Driver Safety Week Statistics And Teen Driving Tips

Your friends at G2 Insurance Services wanted to pass along some statistics to help build awareness about the importance of teen drivers following the safety rules when they are behind the wheel.

Your teen starting to drive can be a very scary event. Thinking about adding insurance on top of it can be downright frightening. Rather than worry, however, here are some statistics you should discuss with your teen to help them understand the importance of staying focused and smart while behind the wheel.

  • Risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among 16-19-year-olds than any other age group
  • On average, 650 teens are injured and an average of 6 teens are killed every day in the U.S. due to motor vehicle crashes
  • 6 out of 10 teen crashes is caused by a distracted driver
  • The fatal crash risk increases for each teenage passenger in a teen driver’s car
  • 1 in 3 teens take their eyes off the road to look at a notification on their phone while driving
  • 88% of teens who self-identify as ‘safe drivers’ admit to multitasking while driving
  • Crash risk is particularly higher during the first month a teen drives
  • Teens are more likely to speed and follow other vehicles at unsafe distances than any other age group
  • Teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use


So, before your teen hits the road, set clear rules and expectations of their behavior behind the wheel — such as a no-phone rule or passenger limits. And signing your teen up for approved driver education classes can reduce both crash risks as well as insurance rates.

Help your teen develop safe driving habits by observing their driving, providing constructive feedback, and having safe habits yourself for them to look up to. And when they finally do get that license, give us call and we’ll be happy to walk you and your new driver through the insurance options and additional safe driving tools.  At G2 Insurance Services, we care about keeping all of our customers as safe as possible.