boat ins

Boat insurance may help cover a motorboat, sailboat, or personal watercraft if it’s stolen or damaged. It may also help protect you if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property with your boat.

It’s a good idea to consider whether your boat insurance provides the protection that best fits your needs. Ask your agent about additional coverage for accessories like boat trailers and special equipment, and towing coverage.

You may also wish to look into whether your policy includes coverage to help pay for the cost of fuel spills or wreckage removal if an accident should occur on the water.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Property coverage may help pay to repair your boat after it’s damaged in an accident, or help pay to replace it in the event that it’s stolen. This coverage usually helps protect a boat whether it’s on water or land.

If you cause an accident that damages another person’s boat or property, or injures someone who is not on your boat, liability coverage may help pay for expenses you incur as a result.

Medical payments coverage can help pay for expenses resulting from an accident such as hospital bills, medications or X-rays if you or your passengers are injured.

If an uninsured boater collides with your watercraft and you or one of your passengers are injured, the uninsured watercraft coverage on your boat insurance policy may help pay for the resulting expenses.

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