Top 10 Things to Do With Your Insurance in the New Year

Happy New Year!! 2024 is here and we are hoping for good things to come. It’s a great time to do a review of your insurance. Here are 10 things you should think about for Insurance in the new year. Most people often don’t think about these items but could save you a lot of time and stress in the future.

Top 10 Tips:

  1. Did you get or give jewelry for Christmas? Jewelry has a very limited amount of coverage on your home insurance and every time you add something you should have a conversation with your insurance agent about whether or not you should specifically list the jewelry on your home policy.
  2. Putting your boat, ATV, and all other toys in storage now is a great way to keep these items covered and protected during the harsh winter months. Now is also a great time to review those to make sure you have everything listed on your home and auto policies. These items don’t have automatic coverage so you need to review them with your agent.
  3. A question to ask yourself…what items have changed in 2023 that might mean you need to review your life insurance coverage? Or what events are going to happen in 2024 that would require more life insurance coverage?
  4. Are you going to be ready for Medicare this coming year? Buying Medicare coverage can be confusing the first time so make sure you plan ahead and talk to a representative early enough and gets all the details.
  5. Did you improve your home in 2023? As a stipulation of your home insurance, you are required to let your insurance company know any time you improve your home by more than 10% of its value.  So…if you did some remodeling maybe you should give us a call.
  6. During 2023 did you reduce the usage of your cars? Most companies rate the cost of your auto insurance by how much you drive and if you are working from home you could save a few dollars a year.
  7. Are there new discounts you may be eligible for? If you changed jobs or finished a degree you may be eligible for an additional discount on your home and auto insurance.  More and more companies are trying to find discounts to help attract and keep new clients so let us know about any major changes in your life.
  8. What new coverages are available? Each year insurance companies come out with new and different coverages to try and separate themselves from the competition. While not all of them apply to everyone there are some that are very good coverages for low premium cost.
  9. When Is the last time you reviewed your coverage? Do you understand all of the coverages or are you just paying the bills and hoping you have the right stuff. G2 Insurance can help you get re-educated, so give us a call today!
  10. Lastly, don’t forget to have us provide you with quotes for your insurance. We have a number of companies that are very competitive and provide great value to our customers.

If you have any questions regarding the above tips or your coverage, please do not hesitate to give us a call today! G2 Insurance would love to help you out and be your friend in insurance. Visit our website to learn more. ->