Build trusting relationships through honesty, education, and value.

Our Points of Culture


We provide products and service of exceptional quality. We add value for every client and company. We strive for never ending improvement and innovation.

Team Work

We are team players that do what it takes to help the team achieve goals. We focus on cooperation and look for resolutions. We ask for help when needed and help others when we can.


We are responsible for our actions and our outcomes. We take ownership and are held accountable for our work and our lives. We know that for things to change first we must change.


We have a balanced approach to life. Our lives outside of work are just as important as our lives in the office. We complete work in an efficient manor so we may have quality time by ourselves, with family, and to renew.


We speak with purpose and clarity. We speak positively of our fellow team members, clients, and companies. We only discuss concerns in private with the person involved. We do not gossip or spread rumors.


We are a grateful people. We say thank you and show appreciation so that people around us know how much we appreciate everything and everyone in our lives.


We speak the truth. We deliver what we promise. We only make agreements we are willing and able to keep. We communicate broken agreements at the first opportunity and clear up broken agreements immediately.


We learn from our mistakes. We consistently learn and grow so we can help our team learn and grow. We help educate our clients for them to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.


Life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. We will help create an atmosphere of fun and happiness so others around us enjoy it as well.


We are consistent in our actions, so our team and clients feel comfortable with us. We are disciplined in our work, so our results, growth, and success are consistent.