Our Story

At G2 Insurance, we help businesses attain consistent, optimal coverage at the right price through an agent and company you can trust to be available when you call.

Our clients are confident in their insurance because they rely on the trust and rapport built with our experienced insurance agents. We get to know each of our clients and their business and personal insurance needs.

Our insurance counselors present coverage options available before determining the best fit for you. During one-on-one appointments with our insurance counselors, we collect necessary information, discuss savings, identify missing coverages and potential problems, then provide cost-effective and coverage-focused solutions. After we’ve set you up with a plan that meets your coverage and price criteria, we are willing to schedule quarterly meetings to review and explain potential changes to your plan.

We give you the tools you need to feel safe and confident that you have the best possible coverage. With G2 Insurance, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your insurance is working for your best interests.

Why Choose G2 Insurance: A Real Life Story

When a recent fire destroyed a property of one of our customers, he was facing an entire rebuild. He called us in the middle of the night panicked about his coverage. We reassured him he’d be fine because we’d proactively set up blanket insurance for all his properties, essentially providing more coverage for each location. We guided him through next steps, and he was able to get started on the rebuild immediately. His initial construction estimate was 50% less than the final cost. He called, worried he’d exceeded the limit of his policy, but because we chose the policy that made the most sense for him, he was able to rebuild his apartment complex and was completely covered.

If you want to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your insurance or want a real person to answer questions for you when you have them, give us a call at 262-784-0644.